Dear County Representatives and Alternates .                                                                                  January 9, 2017

We are 21 counties with the addition on Santa Cruz, Orange, San Joaquin and Imperial County!  Congratulations to all !!!

We have a huge and important mission - to create our new state, New California.  It is important that we reach critical mass of 35-40 counties admitted to our group as soon as possible.  Some will ask, why the urgency?  We are waiting for an event to take place, and when it does, we need to be ready.  The reason for urgency is that we do not know if that event will be the election in November and a CALExit scenario (think West Virginia), a California fiscal crisis, or another event.  All we know is we need to be ready.  We need to be ready as soon as possible.  It could be tomorrow, or in a couple of months, or in November. 

Please think about this urgency and know that we need your help to add more counties and at the same time to grow grassroots support in our existing counties.  Let's all help make this happen.  We need to be working as a high performance team and to welcome new talent who will enrich us and our new state.

For our next call on Thursday the 9th, at 1:00pm I will follow a new process to make it easier to hear everyone and to have all voices heard. 

Here is the plan for the call:

Dial-in and announce yourself, then put your line on mute (this will reduce background noise)

Chair opening remarks

Presentation of New Counties
Motion and 2nd

Discussion period:  Roll Call for comments - 3 minutes per county starting with Butte, you will speak when I call your county name.  Please introduce yourself.  At the end of the comment period, every county representative will have had a chance to speak.

Vote on entry of new counties.

We need to become experts in making telecommunications work for us since our state is so big.  We will make it work even better on Thursday.

Let's keep up the momentum and add more counties...  Today was a huge success for New California.  Thank you all!

Ruth I. Haring
Chair, New California State
Council of County Representatives
and Representative of Butte County