New California Ratification Process For County Committees   

This document explains the process to form a New California County Committee and work with New California Ambassadors and others to achieve admission into the Council of County Representatives.

Steps to Take

Read this document and call an ambassador to get advice and materials to present at the meeting.  

Contact info is at bottom of the document. 

Get online information at and on Facebook @NewCaliforniaState 

Arrange to hold a New California County committee meeting or town hall that is publicly advertised and open to the all. 

Invite a New California Ambassador to present the charter and answer any questions that may arise in your meeting. 

Create an agenda and attendee sign in list 

Have enough copies of the Charter for attendees 

Identify prospective candidate(s) for Representative, Alternates 1 & 2 and have them give a short presentation about why the opportunity to serve.   

At the County meeting: 

Have attendees sign into the meeting.  Include name, phone number and e-mail address 

Do introductions of new people attending for the first time 

Get a volunteer to take meeting minutes if there is no secretary 

Have an election of officers if you are a new county committee 

Swear in your officers (Ambassador will provide the “Oath of Office” 

With the help of the Ambassador, present an introduction to the Charter with a brief history of the New California movement and what the Charter is intended to accomplish. 

Do a reading of the New California Charter and discuss the charter with a question and answer session 

By a voice vote, yes or no, on charter 

Nominate perspective candidate(s) for Representative, Alternates 1 & 2 and have them give a short presentation about why they would like to serve. 

Have a vote by show of hands for each nominee. 

Record the vote and report to attendees. Set date and time for next meeting   

After meeting: 

Report the ratification and election results to your New California Ambassador 

Maintain records including Agenda, meeting minutes and election results. Ambassador to report results to the New California CCR Chair and the appropriate committees.   

Upon receipt of a request for admission from an Ambassador, the New California Chair will review the minutes and election results.  The chair will distribute the application after the review, and add the new County Admission to the agenda of the next New California CCR meeting.