frequently asked questions


New California FAQs

Why New California?

California is a failed state and does not provide a federal/republican form of government for the citizens of California.  Providing a federal/republican form of government is a right all Americans are  guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

How will New California improve my life?   

Citizens of California are living under a tyrannical form of government that does not follow the California and U.S. Constitutions. New California will have a NEW constitution which will restore liberty and rights under the U.S. Constitution.  The current California constitution and governance system has been altered so many times over the last 137 years to be rendered useless. A useless constitution and a governance system by a mono party lends itself to a dictatorship form of tyranny.

Will New California leave the United States and become another country?

NO! New California is in the process of separating from the state of California by using the U.S. Constitution by what is known as a 'state split'.In the living world of microbes, plants and animals there is a way living thing grow by making new cells.  The process is known as 'mitosis' or cell division. Cells grow get big then divide or split. Many of the current 50 states became states by the state split process that is found in Article IV, Section III of the United States Constitution.